So you wanna tussle eh? Play with your friends on one computer in this dueling game! With a roster of 6 characters at the moment, some will be from other games I have made previously. There will also be multiple maps, but at the moment there are only 2 of them. Currently the game is playable but not optimal yet, but I want to get it out there so people can help with balancing. Please send me any suggestions for balancing in the comments or any bugs, it's really appreciated!

Current fighters:

  • Dennis - A knight who fights with his sword
  • Liz - A witch who can use her potions offensively or defensively
  • Gus - A bubble blowing kid who's speed is unmatched
  • Cal - A fire breathing skeleton with a bone to pick
  • Tv-head - A guy with a TV for a head and an axe with your name on it
  • Chef Peppzi - A chef from Planet of Farming who's cooking more than pizza

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